Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A day in Gabriella's life

I am Gabriella Raye, and i have a sweet life, with an amazing mommy and daddy.  They love me so much.  I think I have them wrapped around my little finger to say the least.  I am 7 months old, yeah, you probably already know, mommy is doing my blog until I am old enough to do it myself.
Mommy already took me for a walk in my stroller, I love my stroller it is a quiet place where I can think; or should I say where I can nap.  I don't ever remember much of our walks because it is always a nice time to take a nap.  I feel so safe when mommy takes me for a walk.  She brings lots of toys so I can play and she brings a blanket too, just in case, I get too cold.  She is AWESOME!
After mommy came home from our walk, daddy came inside and made me oatmeal and peaches, mommy feeds them to me.  She is the best feeder, she knows exactly how I like it, she must have had a lot of practice already.
I get to spend some time with daddy today, because mommy has a work meeting.  I think she is also going to go shopping for groceries.  I love grocery shopping, I love looking at all the bright lights and the colors of packages.  Its amazing what there is out in the world.  I really am not used to people, mommy and daddy are the only two people in my life that I care to see at this point.  I get really upset when others come up to my cart.    Why do they all have to look at me,  I absolutely hate when they touch me, I scream then.  Mommy knows now, she tells people to step away from the cart.  They give her funny looks but she is only protecting me, and that is all that matters.
Mommy heard on the news that the surrounding areas there are many outbreaks of whooping cough, she is not allowing me to leave the house, she is afraid I will get sick, sometimes I think my mommy worries too much.  But, I am glad she is my mommy.  But, I have to stop now, for I am getting hungry and I really want a bottle.  Come back and visit later I have many things to squeal about.

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