Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daddy and me

Today, Mommy went to work early. She was gone before I even opened my eyes.  Daddy and I slept in until 830 am.  I think daddy likes when I wake up late.  He gets a little more sleep and we both have a more productive day.  We had a good day for the most part.
Daddy made me some oatmeal and peaches, they were so good, I ate them all up.  He knows exactly how I like them.  After, I ate, Daddy took me to town.  I think we were at a car parts store, there was so many shiny mufflers and things for cars.  Daddy wants me to be a motor head, but I am unsure what mommy wants.  We also went to fleet farm, I think they refer to it as the mans store.  I think this is my daddies favorite store.  It was  a lot of fun shopping with daddy, he isn't so bad.
Daddy also took me to see Grandma Richter.  I am  not sure what to expect from her, I scream every time she holds me.  I am not sure, but she scares me.  Daddy let me suck on a kit kat, I usually suck off the chocolate.  He knows that I have a sweet tooth just like him.  He is great!
Mommy came home from work in the afternoon, I had such a smile on my face to see my mommy, she is a wonderful mommy.  She is so fun, she always makes baby noises and faces at me.  She is amazing.  I think mommy will take me for a stroller ride a little bit later, I love stroller rides for it is the time I take my best naps.  It is amazing how good I sleep all curled up and strapped in my car seat.
I am so happy, mommy is off work, and we plan on going to rummage sales again tomorrow.  I think we go rummaging every Thursday or Friday. I am starting to really like rummage sales, they are so fun and mommy is trying to learn me how to save money.  Mommy is also buying stuff to sell on eBay.  I think she also has a store on eBay called Gabriella's goodies.  How original, she must really love me to call her store after me.  I am a blessed little girl.
For now, I am going to hang this up so I can go hang with mommy.  See you tomorrow for more squeals of my life.  Thanks for stopping!

Daddy and me... I love him....

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