Saturday, May 19, 2012

My weekend fun

Friday May 18th was fun, mommy and I went rummage saleing.  Mommy bought me a pool and the animal train.  We didn't go to that many rummage sales on Friday, but anytime with mommy is fun.
When I got home from rummage saleing mommy filled the pool up with water and let me go swimming in it.  I loved it.  It was a lot of fun.  I can not believe how much fun you can have in such little bit of water.  Mommy got it to the right temperature.  After playing in the pool, mommy cleaned the rest of my toys and then I got to roll on the floor and play with them.  It was a lot of fun.  I think I have it made.

Saturday, May 19th; was my mommy and daddy's 11th wedding anniversary, they took me to an Amish quilt auction in Amherst.   Amherst is a small town where mommy grew up, I guess, or should I say that is what she whispered in my ear.  My mommy bought a quilt to hang on the wall in the living room.  It has trees and a cabin on it, it is sorta outdoorsy.  Today was really hot outside,I was constantly thinking how nice it would to be soaking in my pool.   At least, we only stayed a little while at the auction and then we came home.  Daddy and mommy spent time with me while I was in the pool.  It was a lot of fun.  I got mommy a little wet, but she doesn't mind, at least I was having fun.  
We are all tired from the day and from the hot weather.  We decided to watch a movie.  Mommy put in one of my movies.  We all fell asleep during the movie but we all needed a little nap.
But, that is all the squeals I have to tell for now, visit again tomorrow for my squeals on my life.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mommy and I went to a few rummages this morning.  She bought a really cool vintage toy. Unsure exactly what she bought.  It looks like when I get a little old I might enjoy riding on it.  Daddy thought it was pretty cool.  Mommy bought a few old toys from the rummage sales today.  Most of everything was all old toy trucks. I think she had the same ones when she was a kid.

They are heavy duty for they are all made out of pure metals.  She knows exactly what she is looking for.  I was pretty lucky too, she got me a really cool horse that plays music and it has wheels so in the future I can ride on it.  It also has a basket on the front so I can carry around all my goodies.  This is going to be so much fun.  I can hardly wait to try it out.   I am just glad mommy thinks of me when we are out rummaging.  I am not sure if mommy is going to take me to the Polonia Rummage Rama tomorrow.  It seems as though she might be taking me with her.  We are really good rummagers together.

When mommy got home we all ate.  Mommy stopped at Burger King and got Daddy some Junior whoppers.  Mommy and I had macaroni and cheese.  I love that stuff, I just can't get enough of it.  I was  happy my mommy put it in the blender for me.  I got a little scared with the noise the blender made, but it was all worth it when I got to eat the blended noodles in the light yellow cheese spread.  She knows exactly how to make me happy.  It is amazing. My new love is macaroni and cheese.  Mommy ate hers with long slender rolls of something, I think they call them noodles.  I can't wait to pick them up with my fingers and eat them.  They look like they would be fun to eat and play with.

After we ate, mommy brought me upstairs to let me play while she listed stuff on eBay.  I dumped out all my wooden puzzles on the floor and I was playing with them and chewing on them.  I think I might be getting a tooth, because I want to chew on everything and I constantly drool.  Mommy doesn't mind the drool, she just wipes it up once and a while.  While upstairs, I also played with my noise maker toys, I think mommy was getting driven crazy, but they were making me giggle.  I was playing with my ball with my feet.  It was making so much noise.  It was really entertaining for me.  It kept playing Yanky Doodle Dandy.  I had a lot of fun with mommy today.   When I get done playing upstairs it looks as if a mini tornado went through.  Mommy will eventually learn me how to pick up after myself, but for now she does all the work.

I hope you enjoyed my squeals of my day.  Hope you come visit again soon!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Daddy and me

Today, Mommy went to work early. She was gone before I even opened my eyes.  Daddy and I slept in until 830 am.  I think daddy likes when I wake up late.  He gets a little more sleep and we both have a more productive day.  We had a good day for the most part.
Daddy made me some oatmeal and peaches, they were so good, I ate them all up.  He knows exactly how I like them.  After, I ate, Daddy took me to town.  I think we were at a car parts store, there was so many shiny mufflers and things for cars.  Daddy wants me to be a motor head, but I am unsure what mommy wants.  We also went to fleet farm, I think they refer to it as the mans store.  I think this is my daddies favorite store.  It was  a lot of fun shopping with daddy, he isn't so bad.
Daddy also took me to see Grandma Richter.  I am  not sure what to expect from her, I scream every time she holds me.  I am not sure, but she scares me.  Daddy let me suck on a kit kat, I usually suck off the chocolate.  He knows that I have a sweet tooth just like him.  He is great!
Mommy came home from work in the afternoon, I had such a smile on my face to see my mommy, she is a wonderful mommy.  She is so fun, she always makes baby noises and faces at me.  She is amazing.  I think mommy will take me for a stroller ride a little bit later, I love stroller rides for it is the time I take my best naps.  It is amazing how good I sleep all curled up and strapped in my car seat.
I am so happy, mommy is off work, and we plan on going to rummage sales again tomorrow.  I think we go rummaging every Thursday or Friday. I am starting to really like rummage sales, they are so fun and mommy is trying to learn me how to save money.  Mommy is also buying stuff to sell on eBay.  I think she also has a store on eBay called Gabriella's goodies.  How original, she must really love me to call her store after me.  I am a blessed little girl.
For now, I am going to hang this up so I can go hang with mommy.  See you tomorrow for more squeals of my life.  Thanks for stopping!

Daddy and me... I love him....

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A day in Gabriella's life

I am Gabriella Raye, and i have a sweet life, with an amazing mommy and daddy.  They love me so much.  I think I have them wrapped around my little finger to say the least.  I am 7 months old, yeah, you probably already know, mommy is doing my blog until I am old enough to do it myself.
Mommy already took me for a walk in my stroller, I love my stroller it is a quiet place where I can think; or should I say where I can nap.  I don't ever remember much of our walks because it is always a nice time to take a nap.  I feel so safe when mommy takes me for a walk.  She brings lots of toys so I can play and she brings a blanket too, just in case, I get too cold.  She is AWESOME!
After mommy came home from our walk, daddy came inside and made me oatmeal and peaches, mommy feeds them to me.  She is the best feeder, she knows exactly how I like it, she must have had a lot of practice already.
I get to spend some time with daddy today, because mommy has a work meeting.  I think she is also going to go shopping for groceries.  I love grocery shopping, I love looking at all the bright lights and the colors of packages.  Its amazing what there is out in the world.  I really am not used to people, mommy and daddy are the only two people in my life that I care to see at this point.  I get really upset when others come up to my cart.    Why do they all have to look at me,  I absolutely hate when they touch me, I scream then.  Mommy knows now, she tells people to step away from the cart.  They give her funny looks but she is only protecting me, and that is all that matters.
Mommy heard on the news that the surrounding areas there are many outbreaks of whooping cough, she is not allowing me to leave the house, she is afraid I will get sick, sometimes I think my mommy worries too much.  But, I am glad she is my mommy.  But, I have to stop now, for I am getting hungry and I really want a bottle.  Come back and visit later I have many things to squeal about.