Saturday, June 30, 2012

Fun Day at the Park

Today was a really fun day.  Mama and Dada and I went to a little park by the river.  I got to see more ducky's.  We had a picnic by the river, mama and Dada had sandwiches while I had a nice refreshing bottle of milk.  They sure know how to make a good bottle.  I also got to go on the swings.  Mommy held me as she was on the swings with me.  I am very happy that we all had such a great day.  We went to some of those sales mama likes to go to.  She bought me a new toy, looks like lot of hours of fun.  She also bought me the whole collection of The Bernstein Bear books, she said they were her favorite when she was a kid.
After the park; we went to Rudolph, Wisconsin for the cheese curds, mama and Dada didn't let me have any, but they were soft and warm  in my fingers for they were freshly made.   Dada and mama did however, buy me ice cream.  They ordered superman ice cream and blue moon ice cream, I think they are my favorites.  It was a really nice sweet treat.  I am sorry I do not have any pictures of my special day, for mama forgot the camera at home again.  I will make sure next time, we have the sweet memories on film.  But, these memories of the day will have to be only memories.  When we got home mama and Dada watched a movie and I played on the floor.  I am glad they let me play, because I hate sitting in my car seat for so long, it drives me nuts and I squeal.  I sometimes do it for attention, and then they stop and take me out for a while, today was a really fun day.
Last Sunday was a fun day too, I went to a church picnic and won a monkey stuffed animal.  Mama and Dada sure make my life interesting and fun.
I guess, that is all for now, but visit again for more squeals of my 8 month old life!

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