Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My first fireworks

Mommy and Daddy, bought me some fire works and daddy lite them half of them off yesterday.  It was really nice to sit on the porch with mommy and watch all the pretty lights and  the flashes from the fireworks. It was a great time.  I have never seen such bright lights in my 8 1/2  months of life.  I am so glad that they let me experience this.  It was an amazing adventure for me.  As you can tell, mommy held on to me really tight for she did not want me to get away or she did not want me to get burnt!  She is a wonderful mommy and I love her so much for loving me so much.  I am one lucky girl to have such wonderful mommy and daddy!  Well, I am getting hungry and mommy has a bottle waiting for me, so come back and for more squeals of my life!  Have a Happy 4th!!!

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